Hospitality Poems (1067 Poems)

    Orlando Furioso Canto 4 (Ludovico Ariosto Poems)

    ARGUMENTThe old Atlantes suffers fatal wreck,Foiled by the ring, and young Rogero freed,Who soars in air till he appears a speck,Mounted upon the wizard’s winged steed.Obediant to the royal Charles’s beck,He who had followed Love’s imperious lead,Rinaldo, disembarks on British … Continue reading

    Fitz Adam’s Story (James Russell Lowell Poems)

    The next whose fortune ’twas a tale to tellWas one whom men, before they thought, loved well,And after thinking wondered why they did,For half he seemed to let them, half forbid,And wrapped him so in humors, sheath on sheath,‘Twas hard … Continue reading

    A Tale of Tuscany (Oscar Fay Adams Poems)

    An Old-World tale. Who reads perchanceMay deem it dull or idly told,Preferring latter-day romanceWhere well trained hearts their loves unfold. Tuscany, land of fierce hates and wild loves and of limitless passions,Tuscany, home of Petrarca and Dante and lively Boccaccio,Tuscany, … Continue reading

    Rhodon And Iris. Act I (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    SCEN. 1.Poneria, Agnostus.Ag.   Is the worlds eye not yet asleepe? Po.   Hath Jove not yet put on his starry night-cap?  No; nor Juno her spangl’d smocke? Ag.   What, hath Hesperus forgot to light heavens tapers up?  Or be the Charret wheeles of Night o’re loaden  with the … Continue reading

    Orlando Furioso Canto 6 (Ludovico Ariosto Poems)

    ARGUMENTAriodantes has, a worthy meed,With his loved bride, the fief of Albany.Meantime Rogero, on the flying steed,Arrives in false Alcina’s empery:There from a myrtle-tree her every deed,A human myrtle hears, and treachery,And thence would go; but they who first withdrewHim … Continue reading

    The Portrait (John Pierpont Poems)

    Why does the eye, with greater pleasure, restOn the proud oak, in vernal honors drest,When sultry gales, that to his arms repair,Are cooled and freshened, while they linger there;Than when his fading robes are seared, and castOn the cold mercy … Continue reading

    Faringdon Hill. Book II (Henry James Pye Poems)

    The sultry hours are past, and Phobus nowSpreads yellower rays along the mountain’s brow:The broken clouds unnumber’d tints display,Drinking the effulgence of departing day;And to our eyes present a radiant view,Italia’s purpled ether never knew.The eastern prospect now attracts the … Continue reading

    Sleep And Poetry (John Keats Poems)

    As I lay in my bed slepe full unmeteWas unto me, but why that I ne mightRest I ne wist, for there n’as erthly wight[As I suppose] had more of hertis eseThan I, for I n’ad sicknesse nor disese. ~ … Continue reading

    The Believer’s Espousals : Chapter VI. (Ralph Erskine Poems)

    An Exhortation to all that are out of Christ; in order to their closing the match with him: containing also motives and directions. Reader, into thine hands these lines are giv’n,But not without the providence of Heav’n;Or to advance thy … Continue reading

    The Lay Of Marie – Canto Second (Matilda Betham Poems)

    Some, fearing Marie’s tale was o’er,  Lamented that they heard no more;  While Brehan, from her broken lay,  Portended what she yet might say.  As the untarrying minutes flew,  More anxious and alarm’d he grew.  At length he spake:–“We wait too long  The remnant of this wilder’d … Continue reading

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