Communication Poems (19 Poems)

    Paradise Lost : Book VIII. (John Milton Poems)

    The Angel ended, and in Adam’s earSo charming left his voice, that he a whileThought him still speaking, still stood fixed to hear;Then, as new waked, thus gratefully replied.What thanks sufficient, or what recompenceEqual, have I to render thee, divineHistorian, … Continue reading

    Vision of War (Lincoln Colcord Poems)

    1.I went out into the night of quiet stars;I looked up at the wheeling heavens, at the mysterious firmament;I thought of the awful distances out there, of the incredible magnitudes, of space and silence and eternity;I thought of man, his … Continue reading

    An American Poem (Eileen Myles Poems)

    I was born in Boston in1949. I never wantedthis fact to be known, infact I’ve spent the betterhalf of my adult lifetrying to sweep my earlyyears under the carpetand have a life thatwas clearly just mineand independent ofthe historic fate … Continue reading

    Just a Love Letter (Henry Cuyler Bunner Poems)

    NEW YORK, July 20, 1883.DEAR GIRL:The town goes on as thoughIt thought you still were in it;The gilded cage seems scarce to knowThat it has lost its linnet.The people come, the people pass;The clock keeps on a-ticking;And through the basement … Continue reading

    By The Lake (Du Fu Poems)

    The old fellow from Shao-ling weeps with stifled sobs as he walks furtively by the bends of the Sepentine on a day in spring.In the waterside palaces the thousands of doors are locked. For whom have the willows and rushed … Continue reading

    Snake (Ian Mudie Poems)

    Suddenly the grass before my feetshakes and becomes alive.The Snaketwists, almost leapsgraceful even in terror,smoothness looping back over smoothness,slithers away, disapears.And the grass is again still. And surely, by whatever means of communicationis available to Snakes,the word is passed:Hey, I … Continue reading

    Cleveland: The Rectal Eye Visions (D A Levy Poems)

    “1.WARMING UP THE BOX delivered on time to persons with city & state line bearing only the words DEATH CITY – I suppose there is present in the city a speed carrying living cartoons toward death & an anxiety that … Continue reading

    Theophila Or Loves Sacrifice. Canto III (Edward Benlowes Poems)

    The Restauration. ARGUMENT.   Laetior una Dies, JESU, tua Sacra Canenti;  Qu?m sine Te, melicis Secula mille Lyris.  Ut paveam Scelus omne, petam super Omnia Coelum;  Da mihi Fraena Timor, Da mihi Calcar Amor!   The Authors Rapture; Grace is … Continue reading

    A Lament (Cicely Fox Smith Poems)

    It induces a sensationOf irritation(Not to mention frustrationAnd even indignation)When one makes humble solicitationFor employment in some useful occupationIn this crisis in the affairs of the nationAnd receives in reply a communicationTo the effect that in relationTo the aforesaid applicationIt … Continue reading

    Bridge-Guard in the Karroo (Rudyard Kipling Poem)

    1901 “. . . and will supply details to guard the Blood River Bridge.” District Orders-Lines of Communication, South African War. Sudden the desert changes, The raw glare softens and clings, Till the aching Oudtshoorn ranges Stand up like the … Continue reading

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