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    The Bee is not afraid (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    The Bee is not afraid of me.I know the Butterfly.The pretty people in the WoodsReceive me cordially- The Brooks laugh louder when I come-The Breezes madder play;Wherefore mine eye thy silver mists,Wherefore, Oh Summer’s Day? (Emily Dickinson)

    Undue Significance (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    439 Undue Significance a starving man attachesTo Food-Far off-He sighs-and therefore-Hopeless-And therefore-Good- Partaken-it relieves-indeed-But proves usThat Spices flyIn the Receipt-It was the Distance-Was Savory- (Emily Dickinson)

    There is a Shame of Nobleness (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    551 There is a Shame of Nobleness-Confronting Sudden Pelf-A finer Shame of Ecstasy-Convicted of Itself- A best Disgrace-a Brave Man feels-Acknowledged-of the Brave-One More-“Ye Blessed”-to be told-But that’s-Behind the Grave- (Emily Dickinson)

    This that would greet-an hour ago (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    778 This that would greet-an hour ago-Is quaintest Distance-now-Had it a Guest from Paradise-Nor glow, would it, nor bow- Had it a notice from the NoonNor beam would it nor warm-Match me the Silver Reticence-Match me the Solid Calm- (Emily … Continue reading

    Mama never forgets her birds (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    164 Mama never forgets her birds,Though in another tree-She looks down just as oftenAnd just as tenderlyAs when her little mortal nestWith cunning care she wove-If either of her “sparrows fall,”She “notices,” above. (Emily Dickinson)

    A long, long sleep, a famous sleep (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    A long, long sleep, a famous sleepThat makes no show for dawnBy stretch of limb or stir of lid, —An independent one. Was ever idleness like this?Within a hut of stoneTo bask the centuries awayNor once look up for noon? … Continue reading

    If this is (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    120 If this is “fading”Oh let me immediately “fade”!If this is “dying”Bury me, in such a shroud of red!If this is “sleep,”On such a nightHow proud to shut the eye!Good Evening, gentle Fellow men!Peacock presumes to die! (Emily Dickinson)

    Whole Gulfs-of Red, and Fleets-of Red (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    658 Whole Gulfs-of Red, and Fleets-of Red-And Crews-of solid Blood-Did place upon the West-Tonight-As ’twere specific Ground- And They-appointed Creatures-In Authorized Arrays-Due-promptly-as a Drama-That bows-and disappears- (Emily Dickinson)

    The Zeroes-taugh (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    689 The Zeroes-taught us-Phosphorous-We learned to like the FireBy playing Glaciers-when a Boy-And Tinder-guessed-by powerOf Opposite-to balance Odd-If White-a Red-must be!Paralysis-our Primer-dumb-Unto Vitality! (Emily Dickinson)

    This was in the White of the Year (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    995 This was in the White of the Year-That-was in the Green-Drifts were as difficult then to thinkAs Daisies now to be seen- Looking back is best that is leftOr if it be-before-Retrospection is Prospect’s half,Sometimes, almost more. (Emily Dickinson)

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