Emily Dickinson Poems (2290 Poems)

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    Bless God, he went as soldiers (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    147 Bless God, he went as soldiers,His musket on his breast -Grant God, he charge the bravestOf all the martial blest! Please God, might I behold himIn epauletted white -I should not fear the foe then -I should not fear … Continue reading

    Suspense-is Hostiler than Death (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    705 Suspense-is Hostiler than Death-Death-tho’soever Broad,Is Just Death, and cannot increase-Suspense-does not conclude- But perishes-to live anew-But just anew to die-Annihilation-plated freshWith Immortality- (Emily Dickinson)

    Of Consciousnes (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    894 Of Consciousness, her awful MateThe Soul cannot be rid-As easy the secreting herBehind the Eyes of God. The deepest hid is sighted firstAnd scant to Him the Crowd-What triple Lenses burn uponThe Escapade from God- (Emily Dickinson)

    I sometimes drop it, for a Quick (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    708 I sometimes drop it, for a Quick-The Thought to be alive-Anonymous Delight to know-And Madder-to conceive- Consoles a Woe so monstrousThat did it tear all Day,Without an instant’s Respite-‘Twould look too far-to Die- (Emily Dickinson)

    In lands I never saw-they say (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    124 In lands I never saw-they sayImmortal Alps look down-Whose Bonnets touch the firmament-Whose Sandals touch the town- Meek at whose everlasting feetA Myriad Daisy play-Which, Sir, are you and which am IUpon an August day? (Emily Dickinson)

    I keep my pledge (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    46 I keep my pledge.I was not called-Death did not notice me.I bring my Rose.I plight again,By every sainted Bee-By Daisy called from hillside-by Bobolink from lane.Blossom and I-Her oath, and mine-Will surely come again. (Emily Dickinson)

    Sown in dishonor (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    62 “Sown in dishonor”!Ah! Indeed!May this “dishonor” be?If I were half so fine myselfI’d notice nobody! “Sown in corruption”!Not so fast!Apostle is askew!Corinthians 1. 15. narratesA Circumstance or two! (Emily Dickinson)

    My best Acquaintance (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    932 My best Acquaintances are thoseWith Whom I spoke no Word-The Stars that stated come to TownEsteemed Me never rudeAlthough to their Celestial CallI failed to make reply-My constant-reverential FaceSufficient Courtesy. (Emily Dickinson)

    She staked her Feathers-Gai (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    798 She staked her Feathers-Gained an Arc-Debated-Rose again-This time-beyond the estimateOf Envy, or of Men- And now, among Circumference-Her steady Boat be seen-At home-among the Billows-AsThe Bough where she was born- (Emily Dickinson)

    It is an honorable thought, (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    It is an honorable thought,  And makes one lift one’s hat,As one encountered gentlefolk  Upon a daily street, That we’ve immortal place,  Though pyramids decay,And kingdoms, like the orchard,  Flit russetly away. (Emily Dickinson)

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