Poems about violets (37 Poems)

    Smells of Creation (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Freshly tilled soil, rot on the forest floor chocolate bubbling on the stove Gardenias, violets, garlic breath Sulphur of the volcano, A spruce forest in June The splash of ocean surf after a storm The cold of snow as it … Continue reading

    Jessie (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    You were my first love Gone when I was thirteen On May Day, your day. Your smiling face and the Warble in your gentle voice Still ring in my memory. Those thick glasses With brittle seeming wire frames. My little … Continue reading

    Two valentines (Eugene Field Poem)

    I.–TO MISTRESS BARBARA There were three cavaliers, all handsome and true, On Valentine’s day came a maiden to woo, And quoth to your mother: “Good-morrow, my dear, We came with some songs for your daughter to hear!” Your mother replied: … Continue reading

    Little-oh dear (Eugene Field Poem)

    See, what a wonderful garden is here, Planted and trimmed for my Little-Oh-Dear! Posies so gaudy and grass of such brown – Search ye the country and hunt ye the town And never ye’ll meet with a garden so queer … Continue reading

    Weep no more (John Fletcher Poem)

    WEEP no more, nor sigh, nor groan, Sorrow calls no time that ‘s gone: Violets pluck’d, the sweetest rain Makes not fresh nor grow again. Trim thy locks, look cheerfully; Fate’s hid ends eyes cannot see. Joys as winged dreams … Continue reading

    The Bonfire (Robert Frost Poem)

    “OH, let’s go up the hill and scare ourselves, As reckless as the best of them to-night, By setting fire to all the brush we piled With pitchy hands to wait for rain or snow. Oh, let’s not wait for … Continue reading

    Jadis (Ernest Dowson Poem)

    Erewhile, before the world was old, When violets grew and celandine, In Cupid’s train we were enrolled: Erewhile! Your little hands were clasped in mine, Your head all ruddy and sun-gold Lay on my breast which was your shrine, And … Continue reading

    April’s Charms (William Henry Davies Poems)

    When April scatters charms of primrose gold Among the copper leaves in thickets old, And singing skylarks from the meadows rise, To twinkle like black stars in sunny skies; When I can hear the small woodpecker ring Time on a … Continue reading

    Days Too Short (William Henry Davies Poem)

    When primroses are out in Spring, And small, blue violets come between; When merry birds sing on boughs green, And rills, as soon as born, must sing; When butterflies will make side-leaps, As though escaped from Nature’s hand Ere perfect … Continue reading

    The Black Birds (Henry Van Dyke Poem)

    I Once, only once, I saw it clear, — That Eden every human heart has dreamed A hundred times, but always far away! Ah, well do I remember how it seemed, Through the still atmosphere Of that enchanted day, To … Continue reading

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