Poems about tattoo (21 Poems)

    Chicago Castanets (George Ade Poems)

    Through all the moving thoroughfares And in the contending marts of trade; Within the babbling magazines and Even as I rode the surcharged vehicles Which rolled at dizzy onwardness Without the impulse of the harnessed steed; During the waking hours, … Continue reading

    Ghosts In Deptford (Cicely Fox Smith Poems)

    If ghosts should walk in Deptford, as very well they may,A man might find the night there more stirring than the day,Might meet a Russian Tsar there, or see in Spain’s despiteQueen Bess ride down to Deptford to dub Sir … Continue reading

    Vimy. November 11 (Burnett A. Ward Poems)

    We shall not forget them; why should pylons raiseMute appeal for reverence, rememb’rance and regret?Spectral cold in early dawn, and rosy flushed at eve,A warning and a promising — we shall not forget. We shall not forget them; though we … Continue reading

    Vesper Song (Burnett A. Ward Poems)

    The organ peals through pictured panes that etch strange patterns on the grass,A thorned head shadowed on the flags, beneath the feet of all who pass. A man came by with weary lurch, and failing footing of the old,He paused … Continue reading

    A Sanitary Message (Francis Bret Harte Poems)

    Last night, above the whistling wind,  I heard the welcome rain,–A fusillade upon the roof,  A tattoo on the pane:The keyhole piped; the chimney-top  A warlike trumpet blew;Yet, mingling with these sounds of strife,  A softer voice stole through. “Give … Continue reading

    Alter-Ego (Cesare Pavese Poems)

    From morning till evening he saw the tattooon his silky chest: a russet woman,lying concealed in the field of hair. Beneath there wassometimes chaos, she leapt up suddenly.The day passed in cursing and silence.If the woman were no tattoo butclung … Continue reading

    Adelina Patti (Adah Isaacs Menken Poems)

    Thou Pleiad of the lyric worldWhere Pasta, Garcia shone,Come back with thy sweet voice again,And gem the starry zone. Though faded, still the vision seesThe loveliest child of night,The fairest of the Pleiades,Its glory and its light. How fell with … Continue reading

    Nine Miles from Gundagai (1) (Anonymous Oceania Poems)

    As I was coming down Conroy’s Gap,I heard a maiden cry;‘There goes Bill the Bullocky,He’s bound for Gundagai.A better poor old beggarNever earnt an honest crust,A better poor old beggarNever drug a whip through dust.’His team got bogged at the … Continue reading

    Villanelle (Donald Hall Poem)

    Katie could put her feet behind her head Or do a grand plié, position two, Her suppleness magnificent in bed. I strained my lower back, and Katie bled, Only a little, doing what we could do When Katie tucked her … Continue reading

    The Scars of the Nails (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    More than a tattoo artist a name written on the skin God has engraved our names into the flesh of his being our names engraved on his palms The scars of the nails that the disciples beheld own names embedded … Continue reading

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