Poems about surroundings (21 Poems)

    Midnight Thoughts At The Close of 1864 (Janet Hamilton Poems)

    Dark and lone, at midnight sitting,Not unthinking, not unwitting,As I muse of my surroundings,Sorrows deep and spirit woundings—The anguish keen, the bitter woes,The pangs a mother only knows—When e’en the children she has bornePour disgrace, reproach, and scornOn the thin … Continue reading

    The Seedling (Paul Laurence Dunbar Poems)

    AS a quiet little seedling     Lay within its darksome bed,To itself it fell a-talking,     And this is what it said: “I am not so very robust,     But I’ll do the best I can;”And the seedling from that moment     Its work of life began. So … Continue reading

    The Lost Garden (Dana Gioia Poems)

    If ever we see those gardens again,The summer will be gone-at least our summer.Some other mockingbird will concertizeAmong the mulberries, and other vinesWill climb the high brick wall to disappear. How many footpaths crossed the old estate-The gracious acreage of … Continue reading

    The Winter Cuckoo (Paul Colinet Poems)

    A cuckoo, larger than the forest, digs a hole in thestill warm, ashen landscape. The butt of a rifle spreads over the arrogantmountains. A wisp of straw is placed as observer at the side ofthe hole. A guinea-hen’s eye, detached … Continue reading

    The Spagnoletto. Act III (Emma Lazarus Poems)

    Act III.SCENE I.   The studio of the Spagnoletto.  RIBERA before his canvas.  LUCA  in attendance. RIBERA (laying aside his brush).So! I am weary.  Luca, what ‘s o’clock? LUCA.My lord, an hour past noon. RIBERA.        So late … Continue reading

    Grandeur. (Alfred Castner King Poems)

    I stood at sunrise, on the topmost partOf lofty mountain, massively sublime;A pinnacle of trachyte, seamed and scarredBy countless generations’ ceaseless warAnd struggle with the restless elements;A rugged point, which shot into the air,As by ambition or desire impelledTo pierce … Continue reading

    The Kalevala – Rune I (Elias Lonnrot Poems)

    BIRTH OF WAINAMOINEN. In primeval times, a maiden,Beauteous Daughter of the Ether,Passed for ages her existenceIn the great expanse of heaven,O’er the prairies yet enfolded.Wearisome the maiden growing,Her existence sad and hopeless,Thus alone to live for agesIn the infinite expansesOf … Continue reading

    An Eclogue From Virgil (Eugene Field Poems)

    (The exile Meliboeus finds Tityrus in possession of his own farm,restored to him by the emperor Augustus, and a conversation ensues. Thepoem is in praise of Augustus, peace and pastoral life.)   _Meliboeus_–  Tityrus, all in the shade of the … Continue reading

    My Cousin From Pall Mall (Arthur Patchett Martin Poems)

    There’s nothing so exasperates a true Australian youth,Whatever be his rank in life, be he cultured or uncouth,As the manner of a London swell. Now it chanced, the other day,That one came out, consigned to me-a cousin, by the way. … Continue reading

    Remorse (Dora Sigerson Shorter Poems)

    Where have you been, my pale, pale son, all night in the winter storm? (Hark! the joy bells chime in their passionate rhyme.) “O mother! the bird is sheltered, the beast housed warm- And they, with their bodies’ comfort, are … Continue reading

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