Poems about neatness (21 Poems)

    The Little Irish Mother (John O Brien Poems)

    Have you seen the tidy cottage in the straggling, dusty street,Where the roses swing their censers by the door?Have you heard the happy prattle and the tramp of tiny feetAs the sturdy youngsters romp around the floor?Did you wonder why … Continue reading

    The Peonage System (Lizelia Augusta Jenkins Moorer Poems)

    The religious wars of Europe have been numbered with the past,But a worse thing, bright America with clouds has overcast,‘Tis the heinous contract system that plantation life contains,Worse than slavery’s conditions in a land where freedom reigns. Negroes forced in … Continue reading

    To **** (John Keats Poems)

    Hadst thou liv’d in days of old,O what wonders had been toldOf thy lively countenance,And thy humid eyes that danceIn the midst of their own brightness;In the very fane of lightness.Over which thine eyebrows, leaning,Picture out each lovely meaning:In a … Continue reading

    A spider and a fly (Muhammad Iqbal Poems)

    One day a spider said to a fly“Though you pass this way daily My hut has never been honored by youBy making a chance visit inside by you Though depriving strangers of a visit does not matterEvading the near and … Continue reading

    Fons Parnassi. (The Solace Of Song) (Martin Farquhar Tupper Poems)

    I.Ever babbling, ever bubbling, Bright as light and calmly clear,Cure for every trial troubling, Solace ever new and near,   Fons Parnassi! free and flowing,   Fons Parnassi! glad and glowing.Rarefied creative pleasure! Oh! they lie who say that SongIs a merely graceful measure,Just a luxury of … Continue reading

    The Tree Of State (Jared Barhite Poems)

    Tree of our state and emblem of neatness,   Beauty and grace abide in thy form;  Not in thy blood alone courses a sweetness,   Thy ev’ry unfolding is suavity born.   Down in the vale where cowslips are growing,   Where violets breathe thro’ sweet scented lips,  Where … Continue reading

    The Mountain Flower. (Isabella Lickbarrow Poems)

    IF, the rude mountain turf adorning,Some lowly flower should chance to rise,With simple charms to greet the morning;Tho’ plac’d beneath ungenial skies; And with no fertile soil to cherish,No shade to screen it from the blast;Expos’d or in the birth … Continue reading

    The Mayflower (Joseph C Lincoln Poems)

    In the gleam and gloom of the April weather, When the snows have flown in the brooklet’s flood,And the Showers and Sunshine sport together, And the proud Bough boasts of the baby Bud;On the hillside brown, where the dead leaves linger In crackling … Continue reading

    The Fifth Ode Of Horace. Lib. I (John Milton Poems)

    Quis multa gracilis te puer in rosa, rendred almost word for word without rime, according to the Latin measure, as near as the language permit. What slender youth bedew’d with liquid odoursCourts thee on roses in some pleasant cave,Pyrrha for … Continue reading

    Gotham – Book I (Charles Churchill Poems)

    Far off (no matter whether east or west,A real country, or one made in jest,Nor yet by modern Mandevilles disgraced,Nor by map-jobbers wretchedly misplaced)There lies an island, neither great nor small,Which, for distinction sake, I Gotham call.  The man who … Continue reading

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