Poems about morning-glory (17 Poems)

    One Day And Another: A Lyrical Eclogue – Part IV (Madison Julius Cawein Poems)

    LATE AUTUMN    _They who die young are blest.–    Should we not envy such?   They are Earth’s happiest,    God-loved and favored much!–   They who die young are blest._ 1 _Sick and sad, propped among pillows, she sits at her window._  ‘Though the dog-tooth violet come With … Continue reading

    Bouche-Migno (Isabella Valancy Crawford Poems)

    BOUCHE-MIGNONNE lived in the mill, Past the vineyards shady,Where the sun shone on a rill Jewelled like a lady. Proud the stream with lily-bud, Gay with glancing swallow;Swift its trillion-footed flood Winding ways to follow; Coy and still when flying wheel Rested from its labour;Singing … Continue reading

    The Jessamine And The Morning-Glory (Madison Julius Cawein Poems)

    I.   On a sheet of silver the morning-star lay   Fresh, white as a baby child,  And laughed and leaped in his lissome way,   On my parterre of flowers smiled.  For a morning-glory’s spiral bud   Of shell-coned tallness slim  Stood ready to burst her delicate hood   And bloom … Continue reading

    The Morning-Glory (Maria White Lowell Poems)

    We wreathed about our darling’s head The morning-glory bright;Her little face looked out beneath So full of life and light,So lit as with a sunrise, That we could only say,“She is the morning-glory true, And her poor types are they.” So always from that … Continue reading

    Opportunity (Ina Donna Coolbrith Poems)

    The morning-glory, wet with the night rain,Swinging its sapphire bells against the pane,Chimes: ‘Wake! The day is here!Wake, dreamer, to this miracle new-born-A burst of melody and light devineFair as the fair first mornWherein God syllabled earth’s golden sphere.Behold thy … Continue reading

    Only Morning-Glor (Hilda Conkling Poems)

    Under the vine I saw one morning-gloryA tight unfolding budHalf out.He looked hard down into my lettuce-bed.He was thinking hard.He said I want a friend!I was standing there:I said, Well, I am here!  Don’t you see me?But he thought and … Continue reading

    Aurora (John Russell Hayes Poems)

    When the rising sun is tinting All the sky with opal hue,Comes the sweet Aurora tripping For her morning draught of dew. There she quaffs the rose’s nectar, And the morning-glory’s wine;Hyacinthine honey sips she, Vowing it a drink divine. And the lovely flowers … Continue reading

    Bindlestiff (Edwin Ford Piper Poems)

    Oh, the lives of men, lives of men, In pattern-molds be run; But there’s you, and me, and Bindlestiff- And remember Mary’s Son. At dawn the hedges and the wheel-ruts ran Into a brightening sky. The grass bent low With … Continue reading

    In Spite Of War (Angela Morgan Poems)

    In spite of war, in spite of death,In spite of all man’s sufferings,Something within me laughs and singsAnd I must praise with all my breath.In spite of war, in spite of hateLilacs are blooming at my gate,Tulips are tripping down … Continue reading

    A Summer Morning Picture (Elizabeth Oakes Smith Poems)

    The Sabbath morning from the night awoke All sunshine crowned: rough men disdaining toil Had cleared their brows from work-day’s hardening moil And by the fountain left the cove’d yoke. Through morning-glory and the hollyhock, And rich nasturtium, shading with … Continue reading

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