Poems about milkweed (21 Poems)

    Gradual Clearing (Amy Clampitt Poems)

    Late in the day the fogwrung itself out like a spongein glades of rain,sieving the half-invisiblecove with speartips;then, in a liftingof wisps and scarves, of smoke-ringsfrom about the islands, disclosingwhat had been waveringfishnet pliss? as a smoothnessof peau-de-soie or just-ironedpercale, … Continue reading

    Sylvia (Clinton Scollard Poems)

    Sylvia’s hair is like the night,Touched with glancing starry beams;Such a face as drifts thro’ dreams,This is Sylvia to the sight.And the touch of Sylvia’s handIs as light as milkweed down,When the meads are golden brown,And the autumn fills the … Continue reading

    February: Thinking of Flowers (Jane Kenyon Poem)

    Now wind torments the field, turning the white surface back on itself, back and back on itself, like an animal licking a wound. Nothing but white–the air, the light; only one brown milkweed pod bobbing in the gully, smallest brown … Continue reading

    September (Helen Hunt Jackson Poem)

    1 The golden-rod is yellow; 2 The corn is turning brown; 3 The trees in apple orchards 4 With fruit are bending down. 5 The gentian’s bluest fringes 6 Are curling in the sun; 7 In dusty pods the milkweed … Continue reading

    Frost on the Fields (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Frost on the fields draped on the weeds the milkweed, the bramble the vines, the reeds casting shadows in the morning bringing on the thawing warming in the sunlight melting the gossamer dew October 21, 2010 on the drive from … Continue reading

    Ragged Wool (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    ragged wool hanging the wet milkweed seeds tethered, connected moored in their pods tied still to the ground Hovering limp, heavy above the earth waiting for drying to give them flight, new birth November 20, 2009 Suncook, NH (Raymond A. … Continue reading

    Shadows of Gossamer Down (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    In the early morning after the girls were safe at school the sun rising slowing over the autumn morn’ The bloom of milkweed pod seeds, shadows of gossamer down upon the garage wall November 19, 2009 Suncook, NH (Raymond A. … Continue reading

    Eyes to See (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Would that we would each, all of us, especially me, would have eyes, clear eyes that would seek out, that would see your presence in the dance of the snowfall, the changing of the leaves from green to orange, yellow, … Continue reading

    Tails (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    a small patch, a cluster cattails in the median glowing, glistening December sun, midday Ready to burst open like milkweed pods to spread the seeds to the four winds December 5, 2008 Rte 89, Hopkinton, NH (Raymond A. Foss)

    Weeding in our Garden (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Finding the tares, the weeds the grasses, the ragweed, milkweed and plantain, growing, thriving in the lilies, the beds, the wild mustard plants all growing in the rich soil, growing in the sun weeding in our garden, pulling the dead, … Continue reading

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