Poems about interjection (5 Poems)

    Sir Hornbook (Thomas Love Peacock Poems)

    I. O’er bush and briar Childe Launcelot sprungWith ardent hopes elate,And loudly blew the horn that hungBefore Sir Hornbook’s gate. The inner portals opened wide,And forward strode the chief,Arrayed in paper helmet’s pride,And arms of golden leaf. –‘What means,’–he cried,–‘This … Continue reading

    Pitchin’ at the Church (John O Brien Poems)

    On the Sunday morning mustered,Yarning at our ease;Buggies, traps and jinkers clusteredUnderneath the trees,Horses tethered to the fences;Thus we hold our conferencesWaiting till the priest commences-Pitchin’ at the Church. Sheltering in the summer’s shiningWhere the shadows fall;When the winter’s sun … Continue reading

    Book Contents: Moods Of Ginger Mick (C J Dennis Poems)

                  MOODS OF GINGER MICK This book was dedicated to “THE BOYS WHO TOOK THE COUNT” The image is the front cover of the 1918, Angus & Robertson edition though the poems are from … Continue reading

    The Grammarians Funeral (Benjamin Tompson Poems)

    Eight Parts of Speech this Day wear Mourning GownsDeclin’d Verbs, Pronouns, Participles, Nouns.And not declined, Adverbs and Conjunctions,In Lillies Porch they stand to do their functions.With Preposition; but the most affectionWas still observed in the Interjection.The Substantive seeming the limbed … Continue reading

    Haw! (C J Dennis Poems)

    Haw!  Good fellow I’m not doubting  Your intentions are all right,And your general appearance  Is intelligent and bright;But the question you’re discussing  Rather flicks me on the raw,And it really doesn’t matter;  So we’ll close the subject.  Haw! Since the … Continue reading