Poems about grandfathers (20 Poems)

    America Remembers (Paul Engle Poems)

    HERE by this midland lake, the sand-shored waterThat pulses with no sea-tide heart, where the grainOf a nation pauses on its golden wayTo the world’s belly, and the long trains plunge-From the honey-hearted South (O go down, Moses),From the land … Continue reading

    The Quaker Alumni (John Greenleaf Whittier Poems)

    From the well-springs of Hudson, the sea-cliffs of Maine,Grave men, sober matrons, you gather again;And, with hearts warmer grown as your heads grow more cool,Play over the old game of going to school. All your strifes and vexations, your whims … Continue reading

    1946-47 (Jibanananda Das Poems)

    There’s a rather indistinct human anxiety all around in the day’s light:on streets, in alleys, on tram line tracks and sidewalks;Somewhere just now another’s home is to be auctioned-it seems,Dirt cheap.Everyone is going to take advantage of everyone else andThereby … Continue reading

    British Association, Notes Of The President’s Address (James Clerk Maxwell Poems)

    In the very beginnings of science, the parsons, who managed things then,Being handy with hammer and chisel, made gods in the likeness of men;Till Commerce arose, and at length some men of exceptional powerSupplanted both demons and gods by the … Continue reading

    Blazing Accusation (May Miller Poems)

    Too early a death for those who younghave lost prophecy in blast and flame.The broken have been assembledas best could be to pose for burial.The man in bleak authority intonesthe word that cannot tellwhen last the girls stood singingunder the … Continue reading

    East (Rachel Korn Poems)

    In this direction my father turned his face,With his prayer shawl over his head.Here are the fields and forestsHe walked with firm tread.My father’s murmuring prayer,That like autumn leaves fell,Could take my wild bloodMy fierce passions quell.Now I walk here … Continue reading

    Ogs (C J Dennis Poems)

    It chanced one day, in the middle of May,  There came to the great King SploshA policeman, who said, while scratching his head,  “There isn’t a stone in GoshTo throw at a dog; for the crafty Og,  Last Saturday week, … Continue reading

    Song For The Heroes (Alexander Comfort Poems)

    I wonder sometimes if the soldiers lyingunder the soil, wrapped in their coats like beggarssleeping under an arch, their hands filled with leaves could take vengeance for once on the men who sent them,coming back like beggars, seeing the homes … Continue reading

    Knitting Socks (Anonymous Americas Poems)

    CLICK, click! how the needles goThrough the busy fingers, to and fro–With no bright colors of berlin wool,Delicate hands today are full:Only a yarn of deep, dull blue,Socks for the feet of the brave and true.Yet click, click, how the … Continue reading

    Ancestors (Cesare Pavese Poems)

    Stunned by the world, I reached an agewhen I threw punches at air and cried to myself.Listening to the speech of women and men,not knowing how to respond, it’s not fun.But this too has passed: I’m not alone anymore,and if … Continue reading

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