Poems about forsythia (12 Poems)

    The Crystal Lithium (James Schuyler Poems)

    The smell of snow, stinging in nostrils as the wind lifts it from a beachEve-shuttering, mixed with sand, or when snow lies under the street lamps and on allAnd the air is emptied to an uplifting gassinessThat turns lungs to … Continue reading

    April 9, 1999 (for Ethelbert) (June Jordan Poems)

    In Brooklyn when the floweringforsythia escaped the concrete patternsof tight winter daysI didn’t think about longdistancesor F-117s in contrastto a lover or an armyon the groundup closeand personal as washing out a shirtby handthe soapsuds and the fingers and the … Continue reading

    Cana (Louise Gluck Poem)

    What can I tell you that you don’t know that will make you tremble again? Forsythia by the roadside, by wet rocks, on the embankments underplanted with hyacinth — For ten years I was happy. You were there; in a … Continue reading

    Screened behind the Forsythia (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    The cluster of daffodils, variegated in color hiding, behind the yellow screened behind the forsythia Seeking out their stature their beauty partially obscured as a demur flower hidden behind the door April 6, 2010 Pembroke Village School Copyright by Raymond … Continue reading

    Drops of Yellow (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Pearls of color drops of yellow hanging from the branches the forsythia beginning to bloom a chandelier of yellow hanging, brightening after dawn April 10, 2009 Pembroke Village School Suncook, NH (Raymond A. Foss)

    Like Swans (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Like swans, hiding in the reeds the cattails, the plants A cluster of daffodils screened by the forsythia branches Their long necks, their regal heads turned toward the light. Sheltered from their fingers partially hidden from view. Peeking out of … Continue reading

    Sudden Forsythia (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Forsythia, yellow bush aflame springtime bursting into sudden bloom Memories of my childhood home the taste of the yellow petals their feel on my tongue cascade of thought, memory a rush of my history flooding in my mind captured in … Continue reading

    May Day (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    A simple basket of spring flowers. A token of my love. A tradition begun. And enduring. Iris, tulip, forsythia, quince, Branch, stem, leaf, petal. Color, form, and scent. Spring, the season of rebirth. How special, how right. My life new … Continue reading

    A Taste of Yellow (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Forsythia blooms plucked from the bush a sudden jolt back to when I was six walking to kindergarten petals curl on my tongue a taste of yellow like the first time forty years ago 4/27/06 7:15pm (Raymond A. Foss)

    Gray Room (Wallace Stevens Poems)

    Although you sit in a room that is gray, Except for the silver Of the straw-paper, And pick At your pale white gown; Or lift one of the green beads Of your necklace, To let it fall; Or gaze at … Continue reading

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