Poems about fingerprints (12 Poems)

    Childhood Ideogram (Larry Levis Poems)

    I lay my head sideways on the desk,My fingers interlocked under my cheekbones,My eyes closed. It was a three-room schoolhouse,White, with a small bell tower, an oak tree.From where I sat, on still days, I’d watchThe oak, the prisoner of … Continue reading

    Ode to Salvador Dali (Federico Garcia Lorca Poems)

    A rose in the high garden you desire.A wheel in the pure syntax of steel.The mountain stripped bare of Impressionist fog,The grays watching over the last balustrades. The modern painters in their white ateliersclip the square root’s sterilized flower.In the … Continue reading

    On Friday Nights (Ernesto Trejo Poems)

    On Friday nights I go to the bakery two blocks away and talk to the woman behind the counter. When the customers leave, she moves around pretending not to see me, which signals that it is time to put on … Continue reading

    Unique Gifts (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Like out fingerprints unique just to us God gifting each one unique gifts for the world each of us a part to play lifting the kingdom up February 4, 2011 1 Samuel 17:38-40 Posting: “I’ll Wear My Own Suit Thank … Continue reading

    In Dying (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    In dying Turning from the world the leading of my self Life, in dying eternal and abundant fruits in this life the signs of eternity marked by my maker his fingerprints in my clay trying to walk with my savior … Continue reading

    Marked by the Potter (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    We are the clay the cold, the wet lump on the potter’s wheel Marked by the potter his hands molding us his fingerprints, palms leaving marks on us changing us to his purpose becoming a vessel of his endless love … Continue reading

    Unique Within Creation (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    The devotional asked a different, a challenging question, asking how I am “unique in creation” A thought not easily answered in simple terms our DNA, our fingerprints may be unique; but what of our experience, our thoughts, our dreams for … Continue reading

    A Constellation of Stars (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Across the room under sticky, greasy, fresh fingerprints, the static-held dust, a constellation of stars little white lights of the Christmas tree flickering, shimmering, muted amber light in the silent cathode tube January 3, 2007 20:07 Copyright by Raymond A. … Continue reading

    Unwanted (Edward Field Poem)

    The poster with my picture on it Is hanging on the bulletin board in the Post Office. I stand by it hoping to be recognized Posing first full face and then profile But everybody passes by and I have to … Continue reading

    shatter (W. Jude Aher Poem)

    nowhere left to go standing, at the crossroads just a man. searching the sand for his fingerprints, lost so long ago. echoes of yesterday mirrors across today almost time to die. frozen tears never fall they, just shatter. – jude … Continue reading

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