Poems about cuddling (11 Poems)

    The Road to Heaven (George Robert Sims Poems)

    How is the boy this morning? Why do you shake your head?Ah! I can see what’s happened-there’s a screen drawn round the bed.So, poor little Mike is sleeping the last long sleep of all!I’m sorry-but who could wonder, after that … Continue reading

    The Black Mammy (James Weldon Johnson Poems)

    O whitened head entwined in turban gay,O kind black face, O crude, but tender hand,O foster-mother in whose arms there layThe race whose sons are masters of the land!It was thine arms that sheltered in their fold,It was thine eyes … Continue reading

    Chanticleer (John Bannister Tabb Poems)

    A crowing, cuddling little Babe was he,A child for little children far or near.When he stood and crowed upon his mother’s knee,The morning echoed, “Welcome, Chanticleer!”He was a crowing, cuddling little Babe! When his mother wore, alas, her life away,He … Continue reading

    Song of the Rain (Hugh McCrae Poems)

    Night,and the yellow pleasure of candle-light….old brown books and the kind, fine face of the clockfogged in the veils of the fire – it’s cuddling tock. The cat,greening her eyes on the flame-litten mat;wickedly, wakeful she yawns at the rainbending … Continue reading

    Krishna In The Cradle (Sant Surdas Poems)

    Yasoda lulling Hari to sleep,Shaking the cradle, cuddling and fondling,Singing to Him a song.My darling is sleepyWhy doesn’t sleep come along?Come sleep, come quicklyKanha for you does long.Sometimes He closes His eyesSometimes His lips are aflutter.Thinking He has fallen asleepYasoda … Continue reading

    The Mirror (Cornelius Arnold Poems)

    TO David Garrick, Esq; ——— Ridiculum acriFortius ac melius magnas plerumque secat res. Horace Preface:The Author begs Leave to premise, that in this Essay he has retained some few of the old Words of Spenser, and adopted the Simplicity of … Continue reading

    Nuit Blanche (Amy Lowell Poems)

    I want no horns to rouse me up to-night, And trumpets make too clamorous a ring To fit my mood, it is so weary white I have no wish for doing any thing. A music coaxed from humming strings would … Continue reading

    Ears Revel (Raymond A. Foss Poem)

    Ears Revel oh they sure do at the utter joy in her war cry charging into battle bucket in hand ready for the onslaught the drenching But no fear, no worries just sheer joy and a blood cuddling yell! December … Continue reading

    SELF-PORTRAIT (Andrei Voznesensky Poems)

    Unshaven and thin, with an angular face He’s lain on my mattress for several days. A cast-iron shadow hangs down the stair, the lips, huge and bulging, smuggle and flare. “Hello, Russian poets, — his voice sounds wistful — shall … Continue reading

    The Wildy Ones (Robert William Service Poems)

    The sheep are in the silver wood, The cows are in the broom; The goats are in the wild mountain And won’t be home by noon. My mother sang that olden tune Most every night, And to her newest she … Continue reading

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