Poems about chickasaw (2 Poems)

    The Bay-Fight (Henry Howard Brownell Poems)

    Three days through sapphire seas we sailed, The steady Trade blew strong and free,The Northern Light his banners paled,The Ocean Stream our channels wet, We rounded low Canaveral’s lee,And passed the isles of emerald set In blue Bahama’s turquoise sea. By reef and … Continue reading

    The Path By The Creek (Madison Julius Cawein Poems)

    There is a path that leads Through purple iron-weeds, By button-bush and mallow   Along a creek; A path that wildflowers hallow,   That wild birds seek; Roofed thick with eglantine And grape and trumpet-vine.  This side, blackberries sweet Glow cobalt in the heat; That side, a creamy yellow,   In summertime The pawpaws … Continue reading