Poems about assertion (19 Poems)

    Poetry And Reality (Jane Taylor Poems)

    THE worldly minded, cast in common mould,With all his might pursuing fame or gold,And towards that goal too vehemently hurledTo waste a thought about another world,Has one advantage which yon lofty host,His intellectual betters, may not boast :Neither deceiving nor … Continue reading

    An Octopus (Marianne Moore Poems)

    of ice. Deceptively reserved and flat,it lies “in grandeur and in mass”beneath a sea of shifting snow-dunes;dots of cyclamen-red and maroon on its clearly definedpseudo-podiamade of glass that will bend-a much needed invention-comprising twenty-eight ice-fields from fifty to five hundredfeet … Continue reading

    John Adams Monarchical Ideas (Mercy Warren Poems)

    SIR:- You complain that I have asserted that a partiality for monarchy appeared in your conduct. This fact you deny, and entreat me to bring forward the evidences which I suppose will warrant the assertion. The assertion was not founded … Continue reading

    Injustice of the Courts (Lizelia Augusta Jenkins Moorer Poems)

    Whites alone upon the jury in a number of the states,Thus they crush a helpless Negro with their prejudicial hates;Legal ills they thrust upon him, and the tale is passing sad-Equal rights with white men? Never! Color-phobia makes them mad. … Continue reading

    Lines On The Birth-Day Of A Friend (Mary Hopkins Pilkington Poems)

    ONCE more I’ll endeavour to paint,In language which flows from the heart ,Those wishes , which make language faint,Those feelings it cannot impart!What phrase can my friendship disclose?What words have the pow’r to revealThe love, which maternally flows,Or the exquisite … Continue reading

    The Gascon (Jean de La Fontaine Poems)

    I AM always inclined to suspect The best story under the sunAs soon as by chance I detect That teller and hero are one. We’re all of us prone to conceit, And like to proclaim our own glory,But our purpose we’re apt to … Continue reading

    Flight (Madison Julius Cawein Poems)

    THE SONG-BIRDS? are they flown away? The song-birds of the summer-time,That sang their souls into the day, And set the laughing days to rhyme?-No catbird scatters through the hush     The sparkling crystals of its song;Within the woods no hermit-thrush Trails an enchanted flute … Continue reading

    Tale XIV (George Crabbe Poems)

    THE STRUGGLES OF CONSCIENCE. A serious Toyman in the city dwelt,Who much concern for his religion felt;Reading, he changed his tenets, read again,And various questions could with skill maintain;Papist and Quaker if we set aside,He had the road of every … Continue reading

    Israel In Egypt. Book Fifth. (Edwin Atherstone Poems)

    On the next morning,–so by heavenly Voice Instructed,–unto Pharaoh went again Moses and Aaron; craving to be heard, Because of wretched Israel. Soon they stood Before him, and before the frowning priests, Princes, and rulers: then at once outspakeThe ill–pleased … Continue reading

    The Landlord’s Best (Alexander Anderson Poems)

    A Humorous Reading A strappin’, sonsie, weel-matched pairWere Jock Macree an’ Maggie Blair,An’ mony wusses, said an’ thinkit,They had that nicht when they were linkit.An’ on that day they baith were kirkit,The lasses sat fu’ gleg an’ smirkit;Though there was … Continue reading

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